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Chloe Nugent

The sumptuous, three dimensional artwork of Chloe Nugent is the result of months of experimentation. Each unique piece goes through numerous stages to reach its status as an opulent, high gloss image, beautiful to look at and irresistibly tactile. Chloe was born and brought up in the Heart of England where she still lives and works today. She studied Art and Design at college and graduated from university with an honours degree in Clothing and Textile Design. She has worked on the design and development of world famous brands, including football kits for local, national and international teams. While on maternity leave with her second child, Chloe started to produce artwork originally for her home but found that every piece she produced was being quickly whisked away by family and friends. "It was such I compliment that they wanted my artwork to have in their homes, even though my walls were left bare!." It was at this point that Chloe decided that she wanted to form a career in art. Finding inspiration in all sorts of places, Chloe takes a sketch book everywhere she goes. She has built up a library of dozens of these treasure troves, brimming with colours, textures, photographs, leaves, fabrics, cuttings and anything else that catches her attention or sparks an idea. She spends great tracts of time in her studio trying out all sorts of conventional and unconventional materials, finding ways to create new and exciting images through a whole range of techniques including layering, applique, montage and collage. "Most of all I want my pieces to be enjoyed as much as I have enjoyed creating them."

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