Born 1970 in Bruges, Belgium. In 1993, after finishing her studies in Interior Design in Gent, Belgium, Thuline took a three year break to travel - visiting such countries as the U.S.A., Ghana, and several in Europe. Thuline moved to England in 1996 and combines her passion for painting with raising a young family. "I observe animals; their shapes, gestures and mannerisms and in developing my ideas I take them quite often out of their context. In my work I explore the possibilities of bringing the subjects in and out of focus. Composition plays an important role in my paintings and I sometimes use perspective to distort images. I like using bold colours. I enjoy the gathering of information as much as I do the painting. Cows are funny creatures. Just like humans, they have their own characters - their faces show expressions and a curiosity that never stops to amaze and fascinate me."

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