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Vivien Walters

Vivien is a professional artist specialising in animals. Home is a North Devon cottage situated between the Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks and overlooking a magical wooded valley with a meandering brook where otters can sometimes be seen. Vivien says, ?To me otters have a lot in common with cats, another of my painting passions - they form lovely curving shapes and have masses of whiskers?. Animals have always been an important inspiration for Viviens work, especially her own cats and dogs, and many of her paintings feature livestock of the pastoral and moorland areas of the region. Commissions are regularly undertaken for clients throughout the UK, Europe, the United States and Asia. Together with the more usual cats, dogs, horses and cows are slightly more exotic animals such as a wolf and a tame cheetah. Vivien works in oils, pastels, mixed media and most recently charcoal, one of her charcoal pieces receiving a David Cook award for outstanding drawing ability at the 2015 National Exhibition of Wildlife Art. Inspired by the effects of the light falling on her subjects, Vivien uses twilight and moonlight to create mood and atmosphere and also likes to capture the variations of colour in an animals coat when it glows in sunlight.