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Elaine Mather

Lancashire artist Elaine Mather enjoyed a successful career working in textile design for many years before becoming a full-time artist. This background helped Elaine gain a great insight into the use of colour & texture before leaving her role to pursue a career as a full-time artist. Elaine Mather has long admired the work of Vincent Van Gogh and the bold use of vibrant colours he is known for, trying to emulate them in her own work. She says: "I believe Van Gogh to have a great respect for trees and the way they punctuate and protect our landscape, a motive I find myself emulating." Elaine's work is inspired by trees in nature and she loves nothing more than spending time walking, sketching and photographing in the UK and European countryside, particularly the Italian Dolomites. Her husband is an international mountain guide who helped introduce her to the stunning landscapes which inspire her paintings.