Sam Matthews

Sam Matthews is an American born artist. He was raised in Missouri on his family's farm and educated at Central Missouri State University. He has a background in education, art and library science, with a master's degree, and post master's degree work, in library science and instructional technology. After teaching internationally for 20 years, he now lives and works in Dublin, Ireland as a full time artist. The subjects of Sam's paintings range from book illustrations, through classic landscapes, to romantic or fantasy paintings; but more recently, to semi-abstract works. His main discipline is watercolour, but has also worked in oil, acrylic and bronze. He works with a small, flexible palette, painting on heavily-textured, French, handmade papers. In each painting, he focuses on the paper's features to enhance the grain and colours of his paints. His style and selection of subjects makes his work unique and easily recognizable. As an artist, Sam's recent studies in abstract have been instrumental in the creation of his current work, defined as "semi-abstract, two dimensional cityscapes".

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