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Wendy McBride

Wendy has always had an interest in art and design but it was not until her youngest child started school that she decided to return to her studies and complete a degree in English, Art and Design at Marjon College, Exeter. Following graduation she enjoyed teaching both painting and creative writing, but has now embarked on a full-time career in art and is constantly asked to exhibit work at exhibitions throughout England. In addition, Wendy has produced commissions for a number of hotels and designed covers for poetry anthologies. Having lived near the sea for most of her life, Wendy delights in the subtle changes of the ocean, specifically the light and space it engenders. This everlasting subject has become her main source of inspiration. She also draws on the works of artists such as Turner and Monet, Rothko and Hodgkin for her evocative creations. She has experimented extensively with various media, and is currently working in pastels, finding their 'translucent qualities' and immediacy particularly well-suited to her subject matter. Wendy's distinctive images have been described as clean, fresh and atmospheric, but they are much more than this; each has an emotive, almost mesmeric quality that is nothing if not enchanting. Her first collection of stunning published works has received a resoundingly enthusiastic response from galleries and the public alike and we all look forward to the introduction of more imaginative pieces.

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