Govinder Nazran

Govinder Nazran - 1964-2008. Govinder Nazran, UK best selling published artist 2004: "I'm naturally a shy person and find it difficult to articulate my thoughts verbally. When I'm put on the spot and asked to explain my work, I end up a gibbering wreck, cursing myself later for my lack of verbal dexterity. My true personality reveals itself through my paintings. My art training began in Bradford in the North of England, where I studied Graphic Design from 1980-1983. After that I then went on to study for a Higher Diploma in Graphic Design, specialising in illustration, at Lincoln Art College. Once I completed all my formal training I decided to move to London, approaching all of the major city publishers with my portfolio. It was there that I worked on illustrations for children's books, and after 6 months moved to Cambridge where I continued working as a freelance illustrator. Upon moving back to my home town of Saltaire in West Yorkshire, I took up the position of designer for a greetings card company, which involved all aspects of product design and development. Following that I became a photographic art director, directing fashion shoots all over the world. I did this for the next year or so until 1993, when I decided to swap my hectic photographic job and lifestyle, for a quieter life back in Saltaire. I spent the next five years here, working freelance on card designs with major publishing companies. It wasn't until 1999 that I decided to enter the fine art market and approached Washington Green with my portfolio." R.I.P.

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